Car Starts Then Dies After Few Seconds

Car Starts Then Dies After Few Seconds

The car start easily, runs for about a minute or a little more and then just dies all of the sudden no matter how much gas i give it or don't. Your parking lights will flash once.

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Happened with my 2005 chrysler 300 today.

Car starts then dies after few seconds. I ruled out the fuel pressure regulator by clamping off the return line. It appeared to be dead as a door nail. Car starts then dies after a few seconds i recently hit a dip in the road in my impreza turbo and the engine cut out, the engine starts but a few seconds later it cuts out again, it sounds like ther is no fuel being pumped through or a fuel cut off switch has been set off, if ther is a fuel cut off on it can anyone tell me where it is pleasee????

Car starts for 2 seconds then stalls. I thought the car may be low on fuel, so i added jerry can full of fresh fuel. Engine starts and then dies after approximately 10 seconds.

Retry starting your car with your remote control. I have managed to have it happen continuously, yet no full on start. Headlights and door locks work.

Joined sep 18, 2005 · 346 posts. Good fuel pressure, starts, runs for about 7 seconds, dies after a sudden drop in fuel pressure. Turn the key to the off position and change out the fuel filter.

Car starts then dies in a few seconds 27 answers. If you hold the gas pedal down for a few seconds when starting and for a few seconds after it runs, it will then stay running when you lift off the pedal. After a few minutes, try to start the car.

This is a new problem, and the vehicle has 240,000 miles on it. Car was running fine, and then engine stops. Car die the then you may have a bad alternator because a car should run without having a battery in it after being started if your alternator is good so what i would do is pull the caps on the battery you can get some distilled water if there are low and pour into the battery and then fully recharge it with a trickle charger but it could have a dead cell in it as well

Wife headed out to work. This was during the time when it just kept stalling out (it would only stay running for about 3 seconds). In cases like these, the car will often start for a few seconds, then die.

I tried again this morning before i left to work (borrowing my roomates car) and it still just cranks and cranks and wont even start. ( my dog will let me know pretty quick if. Came back inside and grabbed the other key and tried to start.

Engine cranks fine, starts and runs for about 1 second then immediately stalls. Now there is no fuel pressure. If your car starts then dies after few seconds while you’re in a hurry to a destination, don’t let it intimidate you.

Did this a couple times and then the car wouldnt start at all. Most commonly happens on cold starts. The car was last successfully started last night probably around 8:30pm.

Reach out to a mechanic if you can’t imagine yourself going through diagnosing and fixing the car. (if they flash more than once, you may have to visit the dealer/installer) turn the vehicle off. Car sat for a year and a half, thought issue was a plugged fuel filter, replaced fuel filter, did not solve issue, can hear fuel pump running, checked many electrical connections under hood, no corrosion found, thought might be a faulty ecm, got replacement ecm from salvage yard and.

Just a crank, a motor kicking in, and then the motor shuts off as if i had manually turned the car ignition to off. Hopefully this will tell me more. In some cars, the engine will just crank and crank, and never seem to start.

If there is a problem with the immobilizer, the car might not even start if you use the right key! The car now starts for a few seconds and then cuts out. I live where it's pretty rural, and i leave my keys in the car overnight.

If it doesn’t start, try the process all over again until your car starts without hassle. Got in a few hours later to go somewhere and the car cranked up, but died after about 1 second. While keeping your foot on the brake, press the remote start button on your remote control for 3 seconds like you are remote starting the vehicle.

Confirmed it was a problem with fuel delivery and not with spark/ignition by spraying starting fluid into the throttle body after the engine was started. Started it up and it turned itself off after a couple seconds. A failing fuel pump can cause a car to start for a second and then die.

Engine turns over fine and starts, but stops in a. Ive checked the alternator and the battery and replaced the battery with a brand new one. Start the truck, turns over just fine, then dies after about two seconds.

Car started and ran for a few minutes. Went outside a few minutes later and grabbed a different set of keys and the car started right up, no problem. '03 16v 2.0l (engine vin code 3) the problem:

Besides, there are quite a. Discussion starter · #1 · apr 12, 2011. There is a quarter tank of gas left.

Often there is some remaining fuel in the fuel.

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