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I will now advise users to use the time stamp application each time they require to take a photo. Once the configuration is finished the policy can be. Intune Intune All About Information

Android app protection policy settings in microsoft intune. intune. I just ran into a small issue with the camera app. I am very new to intune and got far enough that i can join devices to azure ad and they pull down a basic policy that installs some apps. The policy settings that are described can be configured for an app protection policy on the settings pane in the portal.

Beside microsoft apps and some others we publish the google camera app in the play store work using the package id. On the review + create page, verify the configuration and click create. We are currently looking at trialing intune as our mdm solution using the android enterprise platform.

I don't check my phone's nocturnal activity in the morning. Hmd global has published a new camera app to the google play store. Depending on the camera app you can either push the app via play or manually input the camera package name within intune (or any other emm) if there's not a camera option in policies.

This will remove the reply from the answers section. There are three categories of policy settings: I can see there is a samsung knox plugin available, but ideally we do not want to purchase additional samsung knox licenses or subscription to enable this functionality if possible.

Next up on our best security camera app for android, we have security camera cz. Intune managed sap concur not allowing camera on android and ios device. This week is all about android enterprise fully managed devices.

Does sap concur support mdm / mam intune ??? Data protection settings, access requirements, and conditional. Intune policy is working for all other managed apps but not for sap concur.

I have been able to remove the default camera app via the android enterprise system app option and including the package name : Recently, one of my clients have been testing the android enterprise fully managed (preview) for their device rollout and noticed the native device apps, including the camera app, was removed from the device at the time of enrolment with. Give this new profile a name and description.

Is using zebra app called stagenow2. Select android enterprise as platform and device restrictions as profile type. After successfully enrollment android enterprise limits the applications but also remove core system apps such as sms , camera.

The configuration in microsoft intune standalone can be performed by starting the create policy for custom configuration (android 4.0 and later, samsung knox standard 4.0 and later) in the microsoft intune administration console. Similar to wardencam, you can turn any old smartphone or tablet into a home security camera. On the scope tags page, configure the required scope tags click next.

I then set this to uninstall. Similar to working with android enterprise dedicated devices and using the managed home screen app. When i scan through the installed apps with ' queryintentactivities ' for ' resolveinfo ' i get the gallery resolveinfo twice and both objects are identical.

A android for work app is not allowing me to access the camera. Identified by the package name ‘’ and simply called camera, the new app already reports over 1. Here's what the tech guy at zebra told me, comparing to soti which is way more mature than intune in the android for enterprise ecosystem:

Nd this one what does mean? Add android enterprise system app. On android 9 (api level 28) and later, apps running in the background cannot access the camera.

Your native samsung camera app, with the corresponding package name ( Is there anything to do at intune's end or can you help or suggest with configur. On the assignments page, configure the required assignment (including optional filter for specific work profile devices) and click next.

For some reason when they try to access the camera app they are given the message that camera access has to. I can see there is a samsung knox plugin available, but ideally we do not want to purchase additional samsung knox licenses or subscription to enable. I am building an app that auto sorts installed apps and allows the user to launch those apps.

Is there a scripting function within intune to send android scripts to enable apps and functions. For developing a customized camera feature, check out the building a camera app section. Its the name of a folder for android apps.

But i cannot say if the problem came with android 11 or any app update. I tell customers there is 3 ways to enroll into soti as a android enterprise device.1. We are using samsung devices that are fully corporate owned.

This article describes the app protection policy settings for android devices. It comes up with a message this application is now being used in your personal space. i need to be able to use this work app with the camera. * expose your camera's functionality:

Microsoft intune > device configuration > profiles and click the + create profile button.

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