Giant House Spider How To Identify A False Widow Spider

Giant House Spider How To Identify A False Widow Spider

The false widow is a medium sized spider, approximately the size of a 50 pence piece. The thorax and legs are a dark / orangey brown colour, unlike the pitch black of the true widow spiders.

False Widow Spider The Wildlife Trusts

They are patrolling our house to rid it of.

Giant house spider how to identify a false widow spider. The body and legs have a glossy appearance. The presence of a false widow spider in your property might actually be protecting you from an insect that might actually cause more long term damage. Identifying the false widow spider.

The standard false widow spider (steatoda nobilis) is a medium sized spider often described as being about the same size as a 50 pence piece. The body ranges from around 7mm to 15mm in length and the leg span reaches up to 35mm. Surprisingly to some the false widow spiders are by no means the biggest spiders you’ll find in and around the home in the uk.

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