How To Cut Braces Wires At Home

How To Cut Braces Wires At Home

The orthodontist bends the arch wires in the direction he or she wants your teeth to move. David ross orthodontics at greenspring station in baltimore.

How To Cut Braces Wires At Home
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The orthodontist bends the arch wires in the direction he or she wants your teeth to move.

How to cut braces wires at home. You can fix the bent braces wire at home with the help of a tweezer or nail clipper at home. How to cut braces wire at home. Hold the wire in one hand and cut the wire gently with the scissors in the other hand.

After clipping the wire, be sure to cover it with wax to hold it in place. How to cut braces wires at home. To clip the wire, you can pull back your cheek, dry the area, and with the help of an adult, carefully clip the protruding wire.

Last time, we reviewed some foods that can cause problems with braces. Cut the long piece of wire that is not attach to the bracket with small sharp pliers or use a nail clipper to cut them until you see us.

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