How To Fish A Crankbait For Walleye

How To Fish A Crankbait For Walleye

By using a lead core or super line, you can get virtually any crankbait to dive to a specific depth. Walleye hit crankbaits with such force, it may take the rod right out of your hand.

How To Fish A Crankbait For Walleye
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Walleye crankbaits are predominantly known for their trolling applications, typically behind planar boards to spread multiple lures apart and to avoid the commotion generated from the boat and motor.

How to fish a crankbait for walleye. Bomber crankbait lures are keyed in to dive down to specific depths when trolled and will stay at that exact depth. Down is required to reach typical walleye depths, a #8 in firetiger is my favorite. This method allows you to keep shallower crankbaits on as you move into deeper water.

Versatility in fishing presentations is the main reason for it’s popularity. Crankbaits imitate smaller fish with a wobbling action that they just can’t resist. Crankbaits are one of the best methods to attract and catch large walleye.

For you to get this elusive fish, you need to position the crankbait slightly above. Different crankbaits can produce different results in other locations. A common rule is that for every fishing line size decrease, your walleye lure should run about one foot deeper.

This is a good option for lake or reservoir. To find the best crankbait for catching walleye, you’ll need to experiment with a few options. Crankbaits for walleye are one the most the widely used artificial lures in any walleye anglers arsenal.

Rapala shad rap this bait was so effective when it first came out that some bait shops didn’t sell them, they rented them. Bomber 15a walleye trolling crankbait lure. Here are five crankbaits that you need in your line up to fish the multitude of situations you’re likely to encounter throughout the walleye season.

Generally, the best time to fish for walleye is early morning and late evening.get a linecounter reel and spool it with backing as needed to fill the entire spool with #18 leadcore line.hiding fish can still lurk from covers and there is a chance it will grab the lure which is. There are several different crankbaits, each with different depths and actions. Walleye fish are attracted to the sound and vibration of a crankbait.

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