How To Fix Service Theft Deterrent System

2014 chevy cruze, it keeps popping up service theft deterrent system & won't start for a few min. Sounds like the theft deterrent system (vcd module) is activated or faulty.

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How do you reset anti theft on 2013 chevy cruze.

How to fix service theft deterrent system. Check your key and cylinder. Few minutes later the service theft deterrent system was displayed in the information center and the car died. How to fix service theft deterrent system.

This will continue for several minutes unless you deactivate the alarm. To perform a relearn on a passkey iii system, make sure there is a fully charged battery in the vehicle. Now the anti theft deterrent system popped up, stopped my truck from starting.

Worked night shift all last week and was too exhausted to get on here and update. The ctd system is the vehicle alarm system which discourages unauthorized entry into the vehicle. A problem with the theft system has triggered the service test system light.

How to fix service theft deterrent system. So i have had this message i fee times in the last week or so. With the key in that position, wait ten minutes.

The horn will sound while the headlights flash on and off. If the fuel enable password is correct, the pcm will start the vehicle. The security light will blink and go out.

Theft deterrent system car won't start. Step 1 enter your car holding your ignition key and your remote and make sure all the doors are closed. This fix will work most of the time.

The vtd system prevents drive away theft by keeping the vehicle from starting. The theft deterrent system on this vehicle is comprised of two separate systems, the vehicle theft deterrent (vtd) system and the content theft deterrent (ctd) system. To reset the theft deterrent system in a chevy cruze you will need to press the unlock button, exit the car and leave the door open, then press the lock button on the door and close it.

Took a sec, locked and unlocked my doors, restarted and it ran but with that locked car symbol. They have moved from anti theft devices bought from a store all the way to transponders in ignition keys or smart keys that must be present. I found some not so great instructions on how to do this so i decided to create a quick video to show how to perform this reset on gm vehicles where there's.

The radio receives a message from the theft deterrent control module via the serial data circuit requesting illumination. How to fix service theft deterrent system june 4, 2021 by no comments when the theft deterrent system detects that the vehicle is being tampered with, the system sets off the alarm, causing the horns to sound and the lights to light up or blink in order to alert people around the vehicle to the theft. To reset the theft deterrent system in a chevy cruze disconnect the battery for at least 10 minutes.

Insert the ignition key, put it in the on position, attempt to start the engine. Service theft deterrent system car wont start chevy cruze by posted on september 2, 2021 on a 2003 chevy maibu the theft system light comes on and blinks when the system is triggered. Pit ignition on keeping engine off.

I turn on the ignition then start the car it cuts out within 10 seconds and displays service theft deterrent system the car will not start until i have removed the key from the ignition and opened and closed the door. Outline of theft deterrent system. After deactivating it, you can reset the alarm to ensure that your gm vehicle security system is set correctly.

The best thing to do is going to the nearest dealer place and performing a theft system learning, some theft system malfunctions may end up with the car not starting. It drove but i pulled over, turned engine off, restarted and it ran fine. If it still doesn't start then there is a problem with the anti theft system and will require a scan tool to find the problem.

You’ll have to disable it with these steps. Check your key fob battery. If a scan tool is not available, after correcting a theft system fault, cycle the ignition key on and off seven (7) times to clear the system and the dic message.

If the key signature transmitted is acceptable to the theft deterrent control module, the theft deterrent control module will transmit fuel enable password to the pcm.

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