How To Get Rid Of Bad Luck From Breaking A Mirror

How To Get Rid Of Bad Luck From Breaking A Mirror

Touch a tombstone with one glass shard. Use the piece of mirror to reflect the full moon and gaze into it.

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This will get rid of bad luck.

How to get rid of bad luck from breaking a mirror. Protect yourself from cuts when handling broken glass. In many cultures salt is a symbol of auspiciousness, so if you accidentally break a mirror, it is recommended to through a handful of salt over your left shoulder with your right hand. Not sure where this one originated, but it’s supposed to lift the 7 year curse immediately.

Some believe the curse of seven years of bad luck that results from breaking a mirror can be reversed by burying all of the broken pieces of the mirror in the moonlight. This only works on nights when the moon is visible. That way you.can avoid the bad luck of getting splinters of glass in your foot.

Take a single piece of the broken mirror and touch it to a tombstone. Like any other superstitions, some ways or antidotes can ward off bad luck. The best cure is to put your shoes on, get a vacuum cleaner and some newspaper and very carefully clear up all the glass.

One of the techniques known to reverse bad luck from breaking a mirror is to throw salt behind your shoulders. It might be a little creepy, but you gotta do what you gotta do. It may help to have a strong torch to help you find the little slivers that you won't be able to see easily.

Burry the piece of mirror or keep it, but do not throw it away. Another option would be to take a single piece of the broken mirror and choose the biggest piece that can reflect.

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