How To Make A Snowflake Out Of Hangers

How To Make A Snowflake Out Of Hangers

Place one set on top of the other. The snowflake starts to look a little funky if the hooks of the hangers.

How To Make A Snowflake Out Of Hangers
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Make sure that the hooks face the same direction.

How to make a snowflake out of hangers. I love making christmas decorations and crafting things from dollar tree items so when i saw some people in a dollar tree facebook group making a snowflake from dollar tree. You will be forming the first layer of your snowflake. I then took a few zip ties and connected the hangers together.

How to make a hanger snowflake. The hangers will be in ‘pairs’ to create the first layer of the plastic snowflake. Repeat that 3 more times, for a total of 8 hangers.

He has done so many projects that i have found on this arbor and swing, a curved rock w. When you get the outer portion of the christmas snowflake done and fastened tightly with zip ties, you go back and tighten the center. Tinsel ( this is optional) the first step is to take 8 hangers and start placing 2 hangers together at a time.

Start your snowflake by gluing together sets of hangers. Wire 4 sets together as shown. How to make hanger snowflakes:

16 hangers for every snowflake, and zip ties. Begin by laying 2 hangers on a larger flat surface with the flat bottoms touching each other. Repeat with the remaining 6 hangers around in a.

Both ways look great as look as all the plastic hangers are going the same way. 4 pairs of hangers are needed for the base of this giant snowflake. It should look like the photo below.

Consider using baby hangers for smaller snowflakes! The color, size, and style of the hangers do not matter, as long as all 16 are the same. How to make snowflake out of plastic coat hangers my dear sweet husband has asked me not to visit this site anymore.

How to make snowflakes out of hangers. You need 16 hangers, i used the child sized, it's plenty big using that size, then you need zip ties to hold pieces together, attach 2 hangers flat sides together with hooks in same direction, then attach 4 of those together for a star, then make a 2nd star, put one on top of the other for snowflake and attach and decorate however you like. Make sure that each of the hooks of the hangers are facing the same direction (either inward or outward).

With just a few simple supplies that are from the dollar store, decorate for the holidays with these beautiful snowflakes made out of hangers. Check out this baby hanger version we have over on our sister site clothing coat hanger snowflake. I have all the hooks facing outwards.

However, you can absolutely face hooks inward too! I used wire cutters to cut all the long ends of the zip ties off, you can also use scissors, but wire cutters are going to be and easier cut and you also won’t risk hurting your scissors. Add the plastic snowflake to the center.

Now, arrange all 8 hangers in the beginning of a snowflake pattern, with 4 snowflake “points”, as seen above. Repeat for the other hangers. Lay them down in a pair of two in 8 groups.

Adjust until the snowflake is symmetrical, then glue together. Then lay one half of the snowflake on top of the second half of the snowflake in an off center way to create your finished snowflake look. Add hot glue where they all meet in the center in these 4 spots to secure them together.

Now take out your last 4 sets of hangers and repeat the same procedure of attaching all of those sets together to make another half of a snowflake. When it comes to what type of plastic hangers to use, feel free to choose any style or size you like! Zip ties ( i have small and long zip ties) 4.

Arrange them in a cross shape with the hooks pointing away from the center of the snowflake. Once you have the arranged in a way you like, zip tie the 8 hangers together. In this video, i'm going to show you how to make a dollar tree clothes hanger favorite glue gun (aff link):

Repeat the process by taking a pair of two, and take the straight line of the hangers in between the open spaces. First, take your hangers and place 2 together with the bottoms touching each other. She demonstrates in her video how to make these snowflakes, and we will provide step by step details here too.

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