My Car Doesn't Start After I Put Gas In It

My Car Doesn't Start After I Put Gas In It

Why doesn't my car want to start after i put fuel in it but no problems besides. My escape dosent want to start after i put gas in but starts with no problem every other time seems to be kinda running rough here and there i'm guessing it's the purge valve.

My Car Doesn't Start After I Put Gas In It
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My car won't start after filling up with gas.

My car doesn't start after i put gas in it. When you turn the key, you will hear the engine start to turn, but it won’t get enough fuel, so it will likely fail to turn over. My car won't start after filling up with gas 8 answers. Immediately upon starting the car, the fuel pump goes to work, sending gas.

And the engine might start or will be very rough until that extra fuel is burned off. But a good rule of thumb is to change fuel filters after every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. Pressure tester had a button on the side, pumps the fuel out through a plastic hose.

Turn the key to the “on” position and wait a few seconds for the fuel pump to pressurize the system. You have already replaced the purge control valve which is often the culprit so the possible solution may be to drain the gas from the tank checking for dirt or whatever and replacing the fuel filter unless there is an indication on the dash menu when the problem occurs that could lead to a fuel tank pressure sensor or something else. After the fill up you have to crank the car for some time to get it to start back up.

As someone else tried to hint. But it wouldn't give a hard start scenario after pumping gasoline. Well there's no code so there's nothing we can do.

Here's where the part is located (under the engine cover): It has been getting worse over the last 3 weeks. Also with the hose disconnected from the purge valve while the car is running put your finger over the nipple of the valve, you will feel vacuum.

You are overfilling your car,when you click more than once at a fill up,you are filling the expansion tank,which vapor locks your system,stop over filling,besides it also pumps gas into the vapor recovery system of the station,so you are losing gas too. The gas cap has nothing to do with it (it is off after all), and you should not fill the tank with the engine running. If you disconnect the vacuum hose from the valve, it should let it stay running normal.

If this is the reason why your car isn’t starting, you’ve probably experienced performance issues before this one. If you haven’t changed it for some time, consider changing it and check if your car starts now. Most times i only put $20 worth of gas in.

Then locate another relay with the same part number and swap it with the fuel pump. And if removing the gas cap allows the car to start right up, at least you’ll have a way to start the car after filling it up with gas. Try starting the car afterward.

Once a fuel pump starts going bad, it may not be able to maintain the pressure the fuel system needs. If you don’t hear any sound, the fuel pump relay may be bad or the pump may be on its last legs. Sometimes, you can actually hear the fuel pump activate and shut off.

Starting or driving the car with the gas cap off might well be dangerous, so talk to your mechanic first before trying this. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. However, when the pump fails, the fuel cannot get to the engine, and your vehicle will cease to run.

Asked by visitor in akron, oh on. Car hard to start after getting gas. And carry a big fire extinguisher until you get this fuel problem resolved.

Anything under half tank when i fill up will cause the car to stutter and stall on the first start up. I took it to ford on to get the oil changed and have it looked at but the only thing they did was try to pull a code. Won't start after filling with gas.

A bad fuel pump may also allow air into the fuel lines, which can result in the same difficulty when trying to start. If your fuel filter is clogged, your engine won’t get enough fuel for it to run. If car starts and immediately stops is bad pump.

Also carry a short jumped lead, can pull the fuel pump relay out and jumper where those two larger contact blades are. Swap it out, then drive around for a bit and see if the light turns off. Don't overfill your gas tank.

As the fuel pump starts to go bad, you might notice a rough idle, hesitation and other performance issues. With the cruze, if you have a fuel pressure tester in the trunk, can hook that up. If it leaks it will introduce a lot of fuel vapor into the intake after a fill up causing a seriously rich mixture that can make the engine really really hard to start.

Every time i put gas in my car, it has a hard time starting. This is only a way to get it started after refueling until you get the purge valve replaced to fix the problem. The hard starting doesn't happen at other times because there isn't the large amount of fumes being forced from the tank as there is during a fill up.

Once the fuel pump shuts off, turn the key to the “start” position, and it will start right up every time, even if the tank is really low. By the way, i never over fill my car. My check engine light is on.

So, once the fuel pressure has dropped while the car sits, the engine won't be getting enough fuel when you try to start it. Most cars today come with a immobilizer or a security system that allows the car to start only when the right key is inserted. Least you won't get dirty.

These newer cars react very badly to trying to overfill it to the brim. Discussion starter · #1 · jun 29, 2015. You can help your car start by holding the throttle wide open to get extra air into the engine to get it started, and then letting off the gas once it starts.

Just get a small hose clamp to replace the crimped clamp that you see in the photo. I have to push the accelerator down while starting the car and it will start after a few attempts. Car won't start after filling up the gas tank.

Fuel could back up into emission parts and literally destroy them.

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