Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutch Ideas

If you are checking for a guinea pig cage with an enclosure and also have a low budget, this is the ideal plan for you provided by instructables. Or plastic pigloos are great as they can be disinfected.

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Putting the hutch into a suitably sized shed or garage for the winter would give your guinea pigs the best protection if they are staying outdoors providing the shed is suitable.

Outdoor guinea pig hutch ideas. An upturned cardboard box with a hole cut out makes a great hiding place (especially stuffed with hay and veggies). Guinea pigs are awake up to 20 hours a day, and no one wants to sit in a cage all day, every day. 3.2 out of 5 stars.

This is an outside hutch where the guinea pig can spend the warmer months. I live in southern california, so the cold weather is minimal, and keeping. The way the hutch is going to be insulated and positioned, rain won't get in, the time in the sun is minimal, and the nights will stay around 70 degrees, as will the days.

We recommend 5ft as the minimum length for a guinea pig hutch. Below are some good outdoor hutches we recommend, along with information on how many guinea pigs should be housed in a hutch of that size. Purchase a hutch or chicken coop.

Ogrmar chicken coop large wooden outdoor bunny rabbit hutch hen cage with ventilation door, removable tray & ramp garden backyard pet house chicken nesting box. What are the best guinea pig hutches? Guinea pigs require a reliable and secure housing system that is resistant against weathering and predators.

In the summer an outside hutch is great, guinea pigs love to eat fresh grass. See more ideas about guinea pig hutch, guinea pigs, rabbit hutches. See more ideas about bunny house, guinea, rabbit hutches.

Guinea pigs love to hide so tubes and boxes are a great way to provide hidey holes. A 4ft hutch won’t give your guinea pigs 4ft of floor space inside, so we no longer recommend these hutches. Moving the hutch to a shed.

The shed or garage must have a window so they get plenty of natural light and they should never be kept in a darkened shed or garage. Come winter, this particular guinea pig is moved to a cage inside the house. Outdoor guinea pig hutch ideas december 26, 2021 by no comments.

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