Picc Line Dressing Change Kit With Biopatch

How to change a picc line dressing using sterile aseptic technique. Open statlock and biopatch packages into the dressing change kit box.

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Now it's easier than ever to reap the clinical advantages of the statlock® stabilization device with.

Picc line dressing change kit with biopatch. Place arm on drape provided in dressing change kit. Biopatch® dressing has been shown to reduce the rate of central line infections up to 69%. The trays can be customized to fit your medical facilities needs.

Biopatch ® chg dressing is easy to apply and remove. Picc line dsg change is done using sterile technique, just like any other central line dsg change. Demonstration includes how to clean the picc line site in a sterile way and then put a new dressing on it.

With gloves on, remove the occlusive dressing by pulling up the edges and then pulling the dressing toward the midline. The statlock ® picc/cvc stabilization device in a dressing change kit offers the statlock ® picc/cvc stabilization device with additional components including a mask, gloves, measuring tape, transparent dressing, gauze, alcohol pads, drape, label, and adhesive strips. Picc line dressing change question.

Apply a biopatch disk to the area around the picc line, making sure the foam side is on the skin and the grid side is up. The dressing kits contain 2 sets of masks, sterile gloves, chlorahexadine, skin protectant, tape, a 2×2 (which i don't use) and a clear sterile dressing (tegaderm). Dressing change kit with contour shield, aegis, hubguard and prevantics swabstick 1.6ml 1 ea stock allocated qty :

1) wash your hands, put on clean gloves, mask, and hair cover and. Biopatchdisk isdesigned to deliver chlorhexidine gluconate a full 360° around the catheter Picc line dressing change (biopatch) shows how to set up the new dressing change tray/kit in a sterile way with basic and custom supplies and remove old dressing on a picc line.

There are many subtle ways a sterile surface can become contaminated, which puts you at risk for blood stream infections. Cover the insertion site and patch with clear dressing. A central line (picc, port, hickman or other tunneled catheter) dressing change is a sterile procedure.

We have to remember to grab the biopatch separately. Biopatch is a polyurethane foam disc that has chlorhexidine gluconate, or chg, within it. These infections can be very serious, and even life threatening.

Without the use of biopatch dressing, bacteria can quickly recolonize on a patient's skin following antiseptic application. Some kits may contain betadine or alcohol to sterilize the area. With gloves on, pull up… read more »picc lines:

I don't know how your central line dsg change kit is, but this is how we do it: Using a biopatch is policy at my workplace, but it's interesting because our central line dressing kits do not contain them. In a recent meeting we were discussing our picc drg change procedure to see if it needed any updates and.

How to properly clean the skin using. Allow the area to dry on its own for at least 30 seconds. Line up the tubing and the slit.

/ allocation reset date : In order to reduce our clabsi rate hopefully to zero, my hospital is in the process of creating a central line team, so to speak, that will be doing most of the picc line and central line dressing changes. Picc line sterile dressing change procedure:

Picc dressing change gather materials: How to avoid contamination, and open sterile items. How to use biopatch to protect the insertion point.

Chg dressing with 360° coverage provides skin antisepsis around the entire insertion site.

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