Plants That Look Like Small Palm Trees

Plants That Look Like Small Palm Trees

This palm has a similar look to the lady palm (below) but with much longer leaves and a bushier growing habit. Usually species of miniature or small palm trees are defined as being under 12 ft.

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The palms are a bit dated, like the old traditional ficus tree.

Plants that look like small palm trees. Commonly mistaken as a mini palm tree, it’s actually not a palm at all! In those settings, it reaches about 15 feet. This bushy palm like tree grows up to 3 ft.

Plants that look like small palm trees. They remain small, growing in lower light than other indoor palm plants. They have a moderate growth rate and work well as a shrub around homes.

Chamaedorea elegans (parlor palm) parlor palm is a small palm tree variety that is native to the southern regions of mexico. Though it is not a true palm, it looks like one due to its feathery fronds. This palm tree is a major source of palm wine and oil in west africa.

Let’s take a look at some of the small palm trees that i found; It can grow up to 6 or 7 feet at a rate of about 6 to 10 inches of growth per year. Choosing tropical plants when you plan your tropical garden, select the palm trees first, then think about creating an interesting grouping using tropical plants to go along.

Just like its name, the ponytail palm has long, curly leaves that grow from the top of the trunk, resembling a ponytail. The areca palm likes bright, indirect light but can tolerate low light quite well. Next would be bamboo and reed, boxwood (topiaries) or walls, ornamental grasses etc.

See more ideas about plants, tropical plants, palm trees. Despite being called a type of palm and looking like a palm, sago palms are cycad belonging to the family cycadaceae. Dry soil is perfect for its growth.

Learn everything about growing this plant here. It can withstand temperatures down to 18 degrees. Most people who want to grow palm trees in their yard look for small or miniature types of palm trees.

Other pachypodium also drought tolerant. Each variety is under 20 feet tall. An elegantly shaped tree, the chinese windmill palm (trachycarpus fortunei) is well suited to growing in the subtropics, along with cool and temperate climates.

It is unique in that the foliage grows in one plane , i.e., it is flat plant when looking from one side. These have bulbs at the base of the trunk that. Chamaedorea elegans (parlor palm) parlor palm is a small palm tree variety that is native to the southern regions of mexico.

Coontie palms are more like bushes rather than actual palm trees. The short, plump, fuzzy trunk looks like a pineapple growing out of the ground. It looks like one but is more closely related to banana or birds of paradise.

When growing in the wild, parlor palm is a part of the rainforest understory. Spiny trunks bear showy white flowers upon maturity. Most of these trees reach around ten feet in height.

Nothing gives a landscape that tropical feel quite like a palm tree. The trunk may grow to 5m (16ft). The base of the stem is somewhat larger than the stem and, even in.

It is one of the most popular types of palm plants. The pygmy date palms are genuinely one of the most beautiful types of indoor palm trees available. It can also withstand cold temperatures upto 5 degrees f.

Each stem carries about twelve deep green leaves that can grow up to 4′ long. Interestingly, this palm can grow in the wild and as an indoor plant. The sago palm grows best in bright indirect sunlight.

It grows well as an indoor palm, a foundation plant, or in mixed shrub borders in shady locations. It looks like a miniature royal palm and can be about 15 feet tall when mature. Both appear as hardy as the chusan palm.

(3.6 m) tall which in terms of palms is quite short.

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