Removing Toilet Flange From Concrete Floor

Removing Toilet Flange From Concrete Floor

In most cases, the kit you purchase comes with new bolts. There are repair flanges available but not for every will have to break out the concrete around the flange to replace it.your own abilities and experience using tools will determine if you can tackle this yourself.

Removing Toilet Flange From Concrete Floor
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Cut off the old flange and obstructions.

Removing Toilet Flange From Concrete Floor

Removing toilet flange from concrete floor. The flange of for the toilet will be about an 1 below the floor level. Next, insert the bolts into the corresponding holes. Use a small hammer and chisel to carefully crack the back of the pan near the joint to the waste pipe.

Clearly i have to break the old one away, but i am concerned that i might cause damage to the drain itself because i don't know if it is clay or cast iron. The toilet flange holds the toilet to the floor and is also the fitting that serves as the inlet for the waste line. Concrete slab:toilet flange below floor level [ 4 answers ] i am installing a hardwood floor on a concrete slab.

Check out all of my home improvement. Old dog, sep 17, 2007. Note that this flange image is upside down from the way it's actually installed in your floor:

I am installing this in the bathroom. It's your choice whether to screw the flange to the concrete floor and attach the toilet to the flange, or to screw the toilet directly to the floor possibly going through holes lined up in the flange. All i can see is a large ring of cement at floor level.

Then smash the pan away from the pipe with a bigger hammer and clean off any cement on the floor. Slide the toilet bolts out of the grooves on the flange. Once the concrete is at the the right level put in tapcons through the holes and let the concrete dry, it'll be completely solid.

The toilet flange, also known as a closet flange, is the part of the toilet that secures the unit to the floor and connects to the drain pipe.usually made of pvc, rubber or metal, this piece is circular. With the toilet flange in place, you are ready to install the toilet with a new wax ring. Waukeshaplumbing (wi) ive never seen anyone use a 4 flange on a basement toilet run the concrete right around the 4 pipe and use a 3 collar the outlet on the.

Gap around the toilet waste line for flange; Get a flange that fits over 3 and inside 4. Removing an airing cupboard and replacing with a door and replacing a door with a.

Replacing toilet with cemented flange ring. The nifty red line/oval are my own addition showing where the bolt is supposed to go. Use tapcon anchors or a similar type of masonry/concrete screw to fasten the toilet flange to the concrete slab.

If the toilet rocks because the flange is no longer holding it securely, the wax ring seal can break, water can begin to. Pour the floor right up to the pipe. Flange image courtesy of

The toilet should be fastened securely it does not move and break the. Keep the toilet flange slots clear so you can still use the flange. How to replace a toilet flange on a concrete floor.

Just remember keep the concrete out of the drain and get the concrete out of the keyslot holes when finished. Removing toilet where the bowl has been set/siliconed to the tile. Red bolt courtesy of my excellent artistic skillz.

You can chisel away this area with a hand chisel and hammer and it should break the concrete easily. This will separate the pan spigot from the rest of the pan. Screw toilet flange onto concrete.

If using a plastic flange ring, be careful not to crack the ring by screwing the anchors in too far. The toilet and replacement flange and drain pipe all need to be kept in position so the seal is not broken. Insert closet bolts inside the new toilet flange and set aside washers and nuts for each bolt.

When you want to remove one,. Just make sure you take really good care not to damage your. Here's an image of a toilet flange.

Cut the pipe even with the floor. Do this before you try and take up the whole pan with an sds drill if you want to give that a go. Keep the toilet flange slots clear so you can still use the flange.

The floor waste would have a rubber seal under the concrete, therefore i would assume the concrete is thin. Flush and clean the toilet as best you can and then flush it again. A toilet flange has a metal or plastic ring that holds the toilet to the floor, and when the ring breaks, it can render the toilet unusable.

Just remember keep the concrete out of the drain and get the concrete out of the keyslot holes when finished. After removing the old or broken toilet flange, you need to install a new pvc flange.

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