Vietnamese Wedding Dress Code

Nowadays, ao dai is being worn as a school uniform, wedding dress, birthday dress, graduation dress or for special occasions only. Vietnamese engagement ceremony is an important ceremony before the wedding which involve both fiancé’s and fiancée’s families.

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In the businesses that are engaged in tourism, government offices, or banks, ao dai can also be seen regularly.

Vietnamese wedding dress code. There is also a headpiece called the khan dong for special occasions. The type of wedding will depend on the religion of the couple, with a majority of the ceremonies being performed in catholic churches and sometimes other venues. Clothing is an important and integral part of any culture and is often overlooked when culture is being discussed.

As a vietnamese girl who loves to travel abroad, sometimes i bring an áo dài to travel with me. In vietnam, the bride and groom and the wedding entourage will wear elaborate áo dài at the traditional ceremony, then guests will show up for the reception in simpler but equally colourful designs. As i mentioned before, the dress code in vietnam differs in each location.

Dress conservatively wherever possible, especially ladies out there. Typically the bride’s dress will be much more extravagant and detailed than her bridesmaids or the groom. For women, a print dress or pantsuit can be a great choice for this religious ritual.

Some brides choose to not wear it in favor of showing off their dresses more or replace the cloak with an attached cape. The vietnamese traditional dress, áo dài, is one of the most elegant and beautiful dresses for women. Chad pellerin wedding planning and decor:

Your invitation will say 6pm but reception will not start until 7:30pm. Wear warm tones, if you can. For the couple’s morning tea ceremony, mai donned a traditional red vietnamese wedding gown, also called an “ao dai.” “in vietnamese culture, red symbolizes happiness, love, luck and celebration,” mai says.

For brides, the outfit includes an extravagant (often transparent) outer cloak; Hướng dẫn đo & bảng size. If your family or guests are also wearing an ao dai, the khan dong will help single out the couple as the bride and groom.

Purple, pink, and peach all symbolize new life and happiness in chinese culture, so wearing these colors indicates that you are supportive of the marriage, and also helps to bring good luck and happiness to the new couple. So the dress code is both formal and understated. Many young women wear these gowns on a day to day basis say to school or something, however it is very plain, all white and no hat.

When concentrated on a task, we forget to smile, so when you’re helping someone getting dressed or putting on jewelry, do it with a smile! A little bit of history behind the bride’s dress… the gown i am wearing is called “ao dai.” they are the traditional gowns women wear in vietnam (where my parents are originally from). For a look at the place of áo dài in vietnamese fashion, watch the film ‘the tailor’ about an áo dài design house in ho chi minh city.

Vietnamese are notorious for being late. Modest dress is considered the norm in vietnam. The heat can knock you about in vietnam, and heat stroke is a real.

Drink loads of water as you’re wandering around checking out the sights. Young girls can opt for a dress or skirt and a formal top to wear in church. “with the help of my mom and sister, we designed the concept and details of my vietnamese dress.”.

Men and boys can wear. This was my first time photographing a vietnamese wedding! The wedding gown compared to other traditional vietnamese clothes is more intricate in terms of design and only reserved for the wedding days.

Then there's a third reception dress for the rest of the night/dancing, which is just a. Tuoi’s bridal party really took care of her. Shop revolve for wedding guest attire.

With such rich and diverse culture, one will find a unique clothing pattern in the traditional dress of vietnam.with roughly sixty different ethnic groups, vietnam has a vast variety of clothing styles, similar only in their affinity to bright, contradictory colours and vibrant. I loved seeing how much they loved her and wanted her day to be perfect! In the past, engagement ceremony was considered very important even than the wedding ceremony because it was an official day to announce the wedding, the relationship between two families.

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