Water On Floor Of Car Back Seat

Water On Floor Of Car Back Seat

If you don’t see water dripping onto the ground, the evaporator condensate drain tube is plugged, and the water is running down the inside firewall, under the carpet into the back seat floor. Fixed with compressed air forced down the drain tubes, and repeated periodically.

Water On Floor Of Car Back Seat
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#3 · jun 15, 2012.

Water on floor of car back seat. 3 times it was drivers side rear and this morning it was passenger side rear. The drain tube can be cleared with compressed air. I have the passenger seat taken out, carpet pulled back and there is a lot of puddled water on the pan and the foam is soaked.

When it starts the fluid can collect in the evaportor box which is to the right of the heater core box and coe out when forward motion begins and end up in the rear footwell. Water under drivers seat back passenger floor post by litty » 06 mar 2012, 12:46 the floor on the passengers side behind the drivers seat is very wet, we have mopped it up on several occasions over the last 4 days and then today. Then, when you find a leak, tear a long peice of the tape (at least two or three inches longer than the area affected, and work it into the seam/seal and squish it down under the foam vapor barrier real good.

If that gadget gets obstructed with debris this symptom can result. There is water getting into my 1990 camry when it rains when it's parked in the driveway. Hi, i noticed the other day that there was a wet patch on the back seat.

When this happens, you should still feel the carpet wet in the front. Tons of water under front passenger seat and back floor (dripping) slightly wet in front 9 answers. Well i've just lifted the seat base, and it's soaked right through the foam.

Its a fault in the drain lines from the sun/moon roof. I can't see any noticeable leaks from above, so it seems its settling under the seat base and soaking upwards. I had the exact same problem with my audi.

There’s a gadget in that path, often difficult to locate, that allows vent air to flow through and into the car, but divert rain water that gets in, back out. Your drain tubes are clogged. They can sometimes be blown out with compressed air and sometimes they have to be replaced.

See why water is puddling up on the floor of your car. If you really want to get that water out, remove the bottom part of the backseat (they usually just pull straight up and off) then pull the carpet up in that back corner and use rags to mop up the water on the metal body under where the carpet was. Run some hose water there and see if it comes out underneath the car freely, and isn’t diverting inside the car.

Both sides have the issue. It happens every time it rains and my floor inside my car gets soaking wet. If not that, then most likely hole in floor, (look from underneath) clogged ac drain, clogged sunroof drain or leaking windshield though those last 3 will result in some dampness in the front carpet at the time of ingress (ie rain).

Also if you have a sunroof check to see if the rain spouts are clear of dirt build up, and to see if the tubes are headed down out the car and not draining inside. That will cause water to run down behind the rear seat, puddle under the seat, and ultimately the floorboard in the rear. Just went outside, noticed the inside was fogging up and when i checked under the floor mats it is so wet th.

This picture if of under the back seat on the passenger side. Use your thumbs to press hard and smooth it out. The water inside your car can cause all sorts of horrible problems, some of which can be a hazard to your health.

Most sunroofs have 4 drains spouts,( how can rain get in with the sunroof closed) it does, the seal hold enough water out but you would always have water that leaks in.if you dont have a sunroof scoutsout and. So after a heavy rain i've noticed about 1 of water collected in the rear floorboards, soaking the carpet. By the look of the coorostion on the foam it appears to originate in the back portion of the floor pan (i.e.

I can't feel any wet in the boot or on the floor. Here’s a list of just some of the problems with undetected water leaks: If you've recently had glass replaced and that has coincided with a.

Tons of water under front passenger seat and back floor (dripping) slightly wet in front 9 answers. There is water getting into my 1990 camry when it rains when it's parked in the driveway. Where the heels of your feet would reside of the rear passenger).

If they are wet, chances are the rear deck drain line is leaking into the trunk. They are usually a plastic tube that runs down the pillar between front and back seat and dumps on the ground, that breaks or plugs up and then water finds its own path. Some water leaks go undetected for years, and that’s when water damage becomes irreversible.

A damp carpet or water on floor passenger side situation can be caused by a plugged ac condensate drain line, a leaking heater core, leaking windshield seal, a problem with sunroof drains or water ingestion from the fresh air intake on your car’s hvac system. I found a puddle of water on the floor and my car is soaked. Any car with a sunroof will accumulate water in the back seat if the tubes are clogged.

Do this everywhere you see water or wetness. Just went outside, noticed the inside was fogging up and when i checked under the floor mats it is so wet th. Pull the rear seat cushion and have a look for water movement (ie coming from back forwards).

The water is coming from the side of the car in toward the middle into the rear seat wells. See picture/ arrow for where the water is coming from. Water under the back seat after hard rain.

No water found on the floor of the front passenger seat nor directly behind it. is there water in the spare tire well of your trunk? If the plugs are in place and the water does occur after the vehicle is driven after it has rained it sounds like the water is still entering from under the vehicle.even with the plugs in place there may be rust or damage on one point of the floor area that is causing this here to where water is entering from under the vehicle. It's not the ac drain hose, i checked that and the ac was not even on.

This has happened 4 times so far.

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