When Did Def Start In Motorhomes

When Did Def Start In Motorhomes

Engines built after 1/1/2010 had to meet the requirement. After that, it will go into limp home mode and you won’t be able to drive at speeds above 5 miles per hour.

When Did Def Start In Motorhomes
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Def came out in 2010 if i'm not mistaken and our new coach will have it.

When did def start in motorhomes. If you have a late model diesel powered motorhome, there's a good chance it requires the usage of diesel exhaust fluid, aka def. With the goal of reducing engine emissions further, specifically regarding nox and particulate matter, the epa introduced diesel exhaust fluid (def) 2010. When the def level gets to 0.8 gallons, the check engine light will also come on, and the van will tell you that you only have a certain number of starts left.

In 1993, customers started calling. In 1972, bob tiffin founds tiffin motorhomes. For example, the cummins isb used in dodge ram trucks did not utilized def until the 2012 model year.

In this segment robert hitt. When combined with the heat of the exhaust stream and the scr catalyst, def helps convert nox into harmless nitrogen and water vapor. We have no smoke come out on heavy hill climbs.

Few appeared in motorhomes anyway. The fight to reduce nox without the need to redesign the whole engine has intensified. There is a light on the dash to tell me the process is starting/happening.

They got more smoke than they expected. They turned around and headed home. Any engine built after 1/12007 has the dpf.

The exhaust system is comprised of a cdi (control unit) which monitors and actuates the sensors and valves in the exhaust system; How much def you’ll use is based on driving conditions, weight, terrain, etc. A couple of the smaller commins diesels met the epa spec without it as well.

As a result, coach owners need a working knowledge of diesel exhaust fluid (def), which plays a key role in ensuring that engines comply with emissions standards. Since around 2002, scr (selective catalytic reduction) systems that use diesel exhaust fluid (def) made their appearance in the automotive market. The dpf was mandated by the 2007 epa requirement.

Most coach builders managed to stockpile enough engines to hold off the requirement until the next model year. Less than 100 miles into their dream trip they got a “check engine light.”. In 2010 the regulations got even tighter.

2010 was the same story for def. Less soot equals fewer regens equals better economy. Why should i care about def?

The emissions device that seems to cause the most repair problems is the egr system that started in some engines in '03. The water urea mixture is called def (diesel exhaust fluid) or also called ad blue. At 32.5%, both the urea and water will freeze at the same rate, ensuring that as it thaws, the fluid does not become diluted, or over concentrated.

Ever stringent reductions in heavy duty diesel engine emissions have been mandated by the epa in recent years. My understanding from freightliner was that when they designed the def chassis (well before there were any pumps at truck stops) they thought that there would be def pumps on both sides. The regeneration cycle happens once about every 10,000 miles.

Another interesting fact, bob had jack elliot deliver the first allegro bus to denver, co to ingram rv. The particle filter remains part of the system and must be purged every once in a while. someone, on that other forum, reported he'd seen def offered, at the pump, at $1.99 per gallon. Their rig’s def head (sensor) put.

My rv can go about 3,500 on my small 3.2 gallon def tank, but i keep it topped off every 500 miles. The original deleters back in 2007 figured this out when they did dpf deletes with sims but did nothing about the egrs. The freezing and unthawing of def will not cause degradation of the product.

The word on the street is the def units get a little better fuel mileage. The smog treatment system of choice utilizes def, which is a fluid that’s largely water with added urea. Seems about once every 1k miles on ours, but is no doubt influenced by how the rig is driven.

Oh, and the def engine does still have a 'regeneration' cycle. Bob founded tiffin motorhomes in 1972, and since then the company has manufactured and sold over 42,000 motorhomes. This required the use of ultra low sulfur (ulsd) diesel fuel to prevent damaging the costly dpf.

Its a consumable that you have to remember to fill up every so often. Scr systems were created in an effort to reduce harmful contaminants and protect the environment by decreasing dangerous exhaust, while simultaneously increasing diesel engine. Many 2010 d/ps will have engines built before that date and you will find that 2011 will be the model year that def started.

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