Where Can I Get A Good Bra Fitting

Where Can I Get A Good Bra Fitting

Without a doubt, local lingerie boutiques are among the best places to get fitted for a bra. Otherwise, r/abrathatfits has good diy instructions, if you're so inclined.

Where Can I Get A Good Bra Fitting

Nordstrom doesn't charge for fittings, but the sales associate who measures you will be hoping you'll buy a bra so she gets comission.

Where Can I Get A Good Bra Fitting

Where can i get a good bra fitting. Your nipples should be about halfway between your elbow and shoulder. If you are wearing a bra, ensure the tape measure does not sit over the bottom of the bra. It’s a really good idea for any woman to get a professional bra fitting at a boutique—you might be surprised what a bra expert will tell you, such as you’ve been wearing the wrong size your.

You don't have to buy anything, but nordstroms is having a big yearly sale now (up to 40% off), so now might be a good time to buy there. The back size of a bra is portrayed by a number which relates to how the bra fits round your body, as opposed to the cup size which is represented by a letter. Most of their employees complete extensive training and certification programs before they can fit clients.

2) place the tape measure around your body, directly under your breasts, on your skin. Some stores like victoria’s secret also have fitters. The online calculator and the nordstroms bra fitter both gave me a 32d!

While we might not all have fairy godmothers, bra fitting experts at specialty boutiques are just as magical. The band of your bra should be snug but comfortable. Your back band should be responsible for more than 80% of the overall support that your bra supplies, with less than 20% being attributed to the straps.

And if you’re wondering where to get a bra fitting, look no further than the lingerie boutiques in your city. Click the purple ‘ find a local store ‘ button (located at the top left of the page.) 3. Check out our store locator here to find a local lingerie store near you or type ‘lingerie stores near me’ and your zip code into google to find your local stores.

My preference is to go to a specialty lingerie/bra store, something local. Select flag of the country you’re searching in (located at the top right of the page.) 2. Measure around your chest just under your breasts, making sure the tape measure is snug but not too tight.

Visit the store locator here. These bra fitting experts will solve your bra issues, answer your bra questions, and match you with the perfect prince bra. I encourage you to explore and support your local lingerie boutiques and retailers

Once you get your head around the idea of getting fitted for a bra, you’ll start scouting for reliable and professional shops that can cater to your needs. Contact a fit specialist today at 1.866.713.2405. So large or small, we can fit you all.

3) ensure the tape measure is straight and firm and breathe out. The back and the front of your bra should be on the same level and riding up on your back. Type your zip code into the box to the right of ‘ zip / address ‘.

In fact, there are many wonderful lingerie boutiques with expert owners and employees that share the same passion and appreciation for lingerie and bra fitting. The band should be around your body parallel to the floor. The tape measure should go straight across your back and rest flat on your skin, according to the 007 b site.

Then the bra rides up in the back, and dumps her down in the front. Our custom fitted bras come in 5 styles with a total of 315 cup sizes. You should be able to fit a finger or two when you pull your band away from the body and not more than that.

Often, you’ll find more genuine service at local boutique shops (like jenette bras) that specialize in bras and undergarments. Big shops that carry a line of intimates like bloomingdale’s , nordstrom , and macy’s , are known to have bra fitting experts who can help you out with getting measured and picking the perfect comfy bra for you. Bra fittings are free, simple and only take about 15 minutes.

If your town is too small to have one, i'd even recommend making a day trip to a bigger city for it. But in my experience, these fitters tend to try and sell you bras — regardless of the fit.

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