Why Haven't I Started My Period Yet

Why Haven't I Started My Period Yet

There are many reasons why you may not have started mentruating yet. The boobs being tender means they are growing, your period may not have started yet because of stress.

Why Haven't I Started My Period Yet

You don't need to feel bad and don't even think to use some pills that will cause your period to come sooner.

Why haven't i started my period yet. During puberty, the vagina starts to produce a discharge that can be white or clear. It’s natural to have a white discharge that can be thin to thick white or clear before you get your first period. Not ovulating does not only lead to missing periods, but also all pms symptoms, acne, moodiness, weight gain and more.

But when you already know the answer then you're kind of left stumped. No one can tell you exactly when your period will start. Or if you have been on the pill i don't know lol hope i helped 🙂

Your period is late, but you haven't had sex so where the hell is it? Why haven't i started my period yet. Some don't get their periods because of hormone imbalances.

So, your period is probably on its way. Some of my friends younger than me have even started,but i dont really know what it will feel like or anything so help! Natural causes include pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause.

I had my first period a couple of days ago. Possible causes of periods not starting include: So, your period is probably on its way.

And be happy while you dont have it yet lol they arent that fun to deal with. No they dont start when your boobs have grown, all girls start at diffrent times.i started when i was 11 but dont worry you will get yours soon. Girls who are underweight or who have eating disorders may notice a delay in the start of their periods.

Most doctors wont start to consider this question until youre 16, since for the vast majority of young people, its simply not time yet. Of course the first thought to pop into any woman's head is am i pregnant? My mother started at twelve, and my grandmother started at 14.

You might want to ask your mom when she got her period. Help i'm 14 turning 15 next month and haven't started my period or developed breasts still havent started and im 17 i'm 16 and haven't yet started my period, help! If you’ve made changes in your daily routine either physically or emotionally, it can throw off your cycle and cause you to miss a period.

Physical and mental stress can cause you not to menstruate. O yeah and, i have had a white/clear discharge on my underwaer daily 4 about i dont know, 6,7 months give,take a few,but people say once you. Even worse, you're on the pill so you know exactly when it should be coming, and it still doesn't come.

Id advise going to your gp, there maybe sumit behind it, but as people have said, some start up to the age of 18/19. When a woman says her period is late, she actually means her ovulation cycle is late, not the menstrual cycle. First, i’m guessing that if “you are starting to stress about not getting your period” you are probably prone to stress about many things and, like a lot of teenagers, you are probably under a lot of other stress as well.

You are not 24 to be that worried because of this, it is not good to lose your mind asking yourself why you don't have a period. The problem is, it lasted for such a short time that i'm not sure if it was my period or not. Why haven’t i started my period?

Im so worried and mad in way b/c almost alll my friends have started their periods and i'm 14 and still havent started mine! My period cycle was never regular in the beginning with i got my first period when i was 12, but then it stopped and started again when i was 13 for a while it was regular, but it get irregular when i turned 15. I want you to know that there are a few textbook reasons for not ovulating including:

The most obvious is that you're not far enought into puberty yet. Girls who are very athletic might not get their periods until they stop exercising or competing so vigorously. It means that your body is making hormones and your uterus (womb) is getting read to have periods.

Severe stress or some illnesses also can delay menstruation. During puberty, the vagina starts to produce a discharge that can be white or clear. 17 and haven't started my period.

Your body is not prepared for this new situation. You’re likely to get your period. But it eventually happens to every healthy girl in the world.

Possible causes of periods not starting. The white discharge is called leukorrhea: PLEASE REFERENCE 03/1213/21 BELOW THIS DATE


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