How To Draw Inner Corner Eyeliner

How To Draw Inner Corner Eyeliner

Once you reach the inner corner of the eye, follow the shape of your eye, and draw a slightly super thin and precise line in front of your tear duct. Identify the eyeliner shape that you’re going for.

How To Draw Inner Corner Eyeliner
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Take a pencil eyeliner and draw an extended line on the outer edge of your eyes making an angle with your eyebrows.

How to draw inner corner eyeliner. This diagram gives you an idea. Then draw a wing to elongate the eye and fill it in with eyeliner. You may need a while to perfect this but make sure the line is the same thinness from inner to outer corners of your eyes.

Use a light pencil eyeliner to draw a thin line as close to your upper lash line as possible. Start from the inner corner of your eye and work toward the outer corner. How to draw inner corner eyeliner.

The inner and outer corners of your eyes are at the same level, and the distance between the. You can extend the line to create a winged eyeliner look later. The inner corner eyeliner trend is all about enhancing the eyes by not only creating a dramatic wing on the outer corners of the eyes but also adding a sharp wing on the inner corners.

Apply a dab of liquid concealer on all the lids to make a smooth base. You can extend the line to create a winged eyeliner look later. Start applying eyeliner from the inner corner, thinly lining across to the outer part of the upper lash line.once you get to the outer third part, start building it up a bit thicker. pull it from the inner corner of your eyes towards the outer v. Should eyeliner go to the inner corner? Apply an eyeliner from the inner corners of the upper lash line and work outwards to the outer corners.

Apply pencil eyeliner to your upper lash line. Start from the inner corner of your eye and work toward the outer. Draw a line from the.

Wing your liner by extending from the very tip of the outer corner, stopping your tip just about where the crease of your eye starts. Once finished with the entire top line, draw a small line on the inner corner of the bottom lash line to connect the two. The line should be as thin as possible.

Once you reach the inner corner of the eye, follow the shape of your eye, and draw a slightly super thin and precise line in front of your tear duct. Kassajikian recommends lining the top lash line to start, then bringing the line past the inner corner of the eye. How to draw inner corner eyeliner.

The inner corner eyeliner looks particularly beautiful in combination with a winged liner, but that is not a must. To attract attention to your beautiful eye shape, start drawing a thin line on your upper eyelid from the inner corner. Instead, draw the thinnest line possible following your lashline and end it at the outer corner of your eyes.

Find the line you’re going to draw. Try to keep the same line thickness all the way across. “for the thinnest line possible, place the tip of the eyeliner on the lash line at the pupil and draw to the outer corner, then start from the inner corner and draw it.

From the middle of the top lash line until the outer edge of the eye, apply the eyeliner while gradually thickening the liner on the outer half of the lash line. Liquid liner can create harsh borders around your eyes and make them look even smaller. Plot out your wing by using your lower lash line as a guide and extend it outwards.

Try not extend the liner out at the outer corners, instead create a small flick upwards, this will look very pretty. Lol sooo you guys have been asking me to start doing makeup videos, so here's how i do. Start from the corner of your eyes.

Keep the liner as close to the lash line as possible. The eyeliner sticker is an invention that allows you to instantly get the killer cat's eye! How to draw winged eyeliner if you have deep set eyes step 1:

As for the bottom, apply eyeliner to the last quarter of. Repeat these steps on the other eye and apply mascara to finish. Welcome to the premiere of #unprofessionaltutorials!!!!

You can go in one fell swoop, or as sir john suggests, work in tight, short lines to maintain control. With a pencil liner, begin your line a little out from the eyes’ inner corners—where your eyelashes start to get thicker—and draw to the outer corner. Next, take more eyeliner in the same brush and squeeze the waterline and spread it to find the wing on the inner corner of the eyeliner.

Draw a thin line on the upper lash line, leaving a gap on the inner corner.

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